Smartec and ZephIR Lidar set sights on Taiwan’s offshore wind

Smartec Scientific Corp has confirmed delivery of ZephIR 300 into Taiwan’s wind energy market. The wind lidar shall be used within the Taiwanese wind industry for profiling wind conditions remotely up to 200 metres without the need of a met mast.

Additionally, ZephIR Lidar has confirmed Smartec Scientific Corporation as the company’s latest ‘Trusted Service Provider’ – Smartec will provide ZephIR technical and support services required in Taiwan.

The announcement links to the success of introductory workshops on lidar organised by Smartec at the start of the month and confirms the company’s selection of wind lidar system ZephIR 300, ZephIR 300M and ZephIR DM as remote sensing solutions for providing the Taiwanese wind energy market with accurate wind data across all stages of a wind farm development project.